Campground Policy


The following definitions apply to all policies posted herein.


Holding a site at Quiet Oaks is considered a reservation.

Start Date:

The very first day of the reservation is regarded as the reservation start date. I. E. White Oak is reserved via an e-mail on Sunday October 11 for Sunday, November 11 – Monday, November 12. The start date is Sunday, November 11.

Reservation Date:

When establishing a reservation, the date of its initiation is considered the reservation date. I. E. White Oak is reserved via an e-mail on Sunday October 11 for Sunday, November 11 – Monday, November 12. The reservation date is Sunday, October 11.


The total price of the reservation is considered the reservation cost. This price does not include any extraneous fees nor does it include taxes.

Pet Damage:

Pet damage refers to any furniture damages by claws; urination damage to carpeting, bedding, floors, etc.; or excessive hair buildup throughout the cabin.



This policy applies to all reservations wherein the reservation date is, at least, three months prior to the start date.


Reservations may be made at any time up to one year in advance at Quiet Oaks. This policy is enacted to ensure that actions taken during a reservation cancellation are uniform.


The cost will be paid during the reservation process. Should the reservation be canceled at any point up to and including 45 days prior to the start date of the reservation, a full refund is applicable. Between 44 days prior and seven days prior to the start date, the client will be refunded half of the cost. Reservations canceled after seven days prior to their start date will not be refunded. The application of this policy for all cancellations is required. However, the Campground owners reserve the right to review this policy in all situations. Final decisions regarding this policy are established by them.



All reservations made at Quiet Oaks are susceptible to this operational procedure with the exception of event weekends wherein regular policy will be followed.


Reservations often conflict for busy periods of time throughout the year. This policy standardized a procedure to be followed in prevention of this issue.


Reservations for large times will be available up to one year in advance. For the first four months, only full week reservations for that period will be taken. The next four months will allow reservations of at least three/four consecutive days only. For the last four-month period, single day reservations will be accepted.



This policy applies to all reservations made at Quiet Oaks.


After staying at Quiet Oaks, the cabins and sites are cleaned and offered to the next group. Cabins should be left the way they were found. This policy enacts a procedure for handling destruction of property issues.


Cabins that are left with missing items, broken furniture/structural elements, or excessive pet damage may constitute a repair fee. Whether to incur this fee and the fee amount will be decided upon by the Campground owners with respect to the damages done.



All electronic communications and operations by Quiet Oaks staff will adhere to this policy.


Personal information today is a common target for third parties and foreign individuals. This policy and the procedures herein are our action plan for prevention of these issues.


All communications with Quiet Oaks through the website or email shall include necessary information only. This information includes addresses, phones, emails, and reservation details. Under no circumstances will any credit card/payment information be collected via email or through the website. Quiet Oaks will use the information supplied via the online form for reservation use only. This information is maintained for the purpose of contacting the client regarding the upcoming reservation or following checkout for administrative purposes. This information is kept within the QOCG reservation system. Credit Cards used to pay for cabins are used one time only. Their numbers or usage information is not recorded in any manner during the payment process.