Campground Facilities



Shower /Person

There is a small two room bathhouse located on the campground for use by RV and Rustic campers. Area camps or tourists also have the ability to use the bathhouse for a small fee of $4.00 a shower. You can receive a key by stopping by the office and when you are finished just drop it in the key-drop box between the two sides.

Cross Fork

The bathhouse in Cross Fork is for use by the Pine and Cedar occupants. This has hot showers and toilets available but may not be used by anyone other than those in the cabins. To pay for a shower you must use the Campground Bathhouse.


In the near future there will be a bathhouse located in the field along the woods line, behind the Red Area. This bathhouse will accommodate future sites in the field area. Check back for details on our progress and what will happen next.

RV Sites

AmpsPrice /Night

The campground has many sites for RV camping on the campground. There are sites located in the oval and upper area which have Sewage, Water, and Electric(up to 50 amp) available. Other sites(located along the left edge upon campground entrance also provide Water and Electric(up to 50 amp). Finally, the other sites in the field have electric available (up to 50 amp). There are also special sites available for workers. To inquire about any of these sites, click Contact Us below or give us a call



The pavilion is home to the Road Kill Cafe, a fully licensed outdoor restaurant/kitchen. The pavilion is mainly used for events held at the campground however, this facility can be rented out for Weddings, Parties, and the like. Please give us a call or use our Contact Form for more information.

Rustic Tenting

Site /Night

Similar to our RV compatible sites, we offer rustic wooded tent sites. These are located in a Pine wooded area of the campground and are each supplied with their own picnic table and fire ring. These items are free for you to move around t accommodate your camp layout. Please, however, do not move tables from site to site (if you have reserved more than one) without returning them to their original site before departing. Whether you enjoy camping outdoors, seeing the area in its most natural form, or you are trying something new our rustic tent sites an unparalleled area to pitch up for the night.